If you are planning to travel with your Pet, the following details might provide answers to some of the questions and doubts you may have regarding the process of import/export of Pets to/from Sri Lanka.

If you have any other questions concerning relocating your Pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the best solution for your needs. Type your paragraph here.


  • How soon can I relocate my Pet?

    • The duration before you can relocate your Pet depends on the import requirements of the destination country. So waiting period varies between 30 days to 04 months (in some cases 06 months) from the date of the last Rabies vaccination, given during the country-specified validity period.

  • How much would it cost? 

    • Unfortunately, the relocation process is not cheap… The main part of the cost is going to be the freight cost. Apart from that, the costs for the rabies serology test (when required), export / transit permits & Pet travel crates, quarantine & custom clearance is among the other major costs.
    • If the Pet is being carried as Excess baggage or in the Cabin, the freight costs and the clearance costs will be way less.
    • The cost for each relocation will have to be worked out separately according to destination country requirements plus the airline specifications… (At Pet Travels Lanka, we do our best to arrange relocation in the most cost effective way!! Yes, no kidding!)

  • Do I need to Microchip my Pet?

    • Yes. It is advisable, and it certainly is a requirement in majority of the countries to use Microchip as an identification mark for the Pet.
    • Sri Lanka now requires all pets that are imported to be identified with a microchip.
    • Microchip implanting is a minor procedure and it is not harmful to the pets. So don’t worry :). Once implanted, make sure get your vet to scan the microchip, to make sure it is being detected. Your pet could be in trouble at the import / export procedures if the microchip is not detectable.

  • Do I need to get the Rabies Serology test (RNATT) done for my Pet?

    • Only if it is required by the country of import. Europe, UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand are among some of the common destinations that require a Rabies Serology Test.
    • The Rabies serology test cannot not be performed in Sri Lanka. The samples will have to be sent overseas, to an approved Laboratory for testing. But there are two main Veterinary Hospitals in Colombo that is able to get it done for you (contact us for more info)

  • Where in the plane will my pet fly? How do I decide the method of transport for my Pet?

    • You can transport the pet as Cargo, Excess baggage or in the Cabin. Selection of the method of transport will depend
    • When traveling as Cargo or Excess baggage, the Pets will be in a pressure & temperature controlled compartment.
    • Selecting the method of transport will also depend on the destination/transit countries and the selected Airline…

  • How Do I choose an Airline or a flight?

    • Select and Airline which is willing to carry the particular breed of your Pet… Also, a one that has the option of carrying your Pet as excess baggage, in order to minimize the cost…
    • When selecting a flight, chose the most direct flight to your destination, a flight that has the least amount of transits.
    • Try your best not to switch AIRLINES during the travel of your Pet. If there is a switch of airlines in some country, it is considered as an import to that country and NOT as a transit. So, therefore you will need to get special documentation, approvals and re-export your Pet from that country to your final destination… This will cost a lot…

  • Does the Pet needs to be sedated?

    • No. It is not advisable to sedate the Pet. The Pets will be a bit confused and excited when they arrive at the airport, but they usually settle in. They are tougher than we think!

  • What do I do to prepare my Pet for travel?

    • Purchase the Pet travel crate at least 2 weeks in advance, and get your Pet used to it. Prepare the crate for the pet to sleep in the night and rest during the day. This will help the pet get familiar with the crate and it will not resist traveling in it.
    • You can also include a few of his favorite toys in the crate (not something that will be harmful during the travel…)
    • If your pet is not used to traveling, take him for a ride a couple of times. Get him used to strangers, noise of vehicles, etc…
    • Feeding on the day of travel. – Give a good meal & water, at least 06 hours before traveling from home. Do not feed in between; also, give the usual meal the pet is used to.
    • Water can be given every six hours. But it is advisable not to do so at least 3 hours before the flight.


  • How long will it take to process the import permit?

    • Apply for the Import Permit for your pet at least 10 – 14 days before the expected date of travel.
    • It takes approximately 4-5 working days to process the import permit. Applying earlier will give you enough time to provide any missing information or documents for the import permit application.

  • How long is the import permit valid for?

    • The import permit is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

  • What is the minimum waiting period in the country of export, before entering Sri Lanka?

    • 30 days from the date of the last Rabies vaccination (given within 6 months before departure from the country of export)

  • What is the procedure of clearing my Pet upon arrival in Sri Lanka?

    • Cabin / excess baggage – will take approx. 1.5 – 2 hours; airport staff will direct you regarding the quarantine and clearance procedures
    • Cargo – will have get the assistance of a clearing agent (Pet Travels Lanka can assist!); will take approx. 2 – 4 hours, maybe a bit more in some cases; will have to pay clearance charges plus custom duty (duty is decided according to each shipment)

  • Will my pet be quarantined upon arrival in Sri Lanka?

    • Yes. A compulsory quarantine health check and clearance procedure is now in place, at the the quarantine station at Katunayake (near the airport). This clearance will only take place during working days (during working hours). Late afternoon to early morning arrivals will have to spend time at the quarantine station until cleared. Weekend or holiday arrivals, till the next working day!
    • Following quarantine clearance, a further 30 day quarantine period is applicable of all pets from arrival. But don’t worry… it will be at the premises of the owner, so you will not have to put your pet in a boarding kennel…
    • You need to make sure that you do not sell, give away or move your pet out of the Sri Lankan residence address provided in the import documents for this 30 day period.
    • Also, if you notice anything unusual about your pet or if your pet falls sick, you need to inform that to the DAPH address provided in the import Permit.

  • How can I find a Vet in my area?

    • We can provide information regarding Vets in the area of your residence. Please contact us.

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