Services We Provide

Pet Export Services...

Are you planning to travel out of Sri Lanka with your Pet? We are able to provide the following services in this regard…

  • Complete all travel arrangements and bookings for your pet on the most direct and pet friendly flights or your preferred flight
  • Advice on special overseas requirements and quarantine laws
  • Preparation of full travel documentation
  • Process Customs clearance
  • Provide custom-made IATA approved flight kennels
  • Coordinate quarantine arrangements (when required)
  • Transporting your Pet to the Airport

Pet Import Services...

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka with your Pet we can assist you to plan the trip as well as handle the full procedure… Following are the pet import service we provide..

  • Apply for the Import Permit for your pet (including CITES when necessary…)
  • Provide consultation or assistance on preparing all documentations specialized for your pet
  • Provide pick-up service in airport terminals with custom clearance
  • Provide delivery of your pet to home or boarding kennel
  • Provide details of Veterinary service providers (Vets, Pet shops, etc.) in the area you will reside in
  • Provide quarantine clearance services & home delivery for the who arrive as excess baggage.

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